When this original software was first released, the author already had over 25 years of expertise in computer networks, protocols and data communication, and in particular the automation of the interchange of data by electronic means both internally and externally to Enterprises. The author has a rich in-depth expertise about numerous legacy EDI formats, and a lot of practice with XML and Internet technologies since their beginnings. He participated to countless integration projects for medium and large enterprises in Europe, Asia, South Africa and the Americas (North and South) with roles ranging from developer to auditor, through architecture and project management. He is the father of an original EDI software product line that has been successfully commercialized from 1991 to 2003 to telecom operators worldwide. He worked mostly as a consultant and sub-contractor for the financial, energy, transportation and telecommunication industries. He has built integration projects around a good sample of the vendor platforms on the market and is certified for some of these. 

The origin of reverseXSL software in itself is evoked in the article "Tough operational requirements, screwy formats, and a tight budget ?".

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