1. Definitions

Original Information

Original Information comprises all the software, associated operational data, documentation, articles, white papers, tutorials, product sheets, message formats, parsing definitions, XSL templates, and in general all the data, meta-data, and web pages that are directly made available by the present web-site and not explicitly marked as citations, quotes, excerpts, or references of/to third party information or of/to third party copyrighted material.


The editor of the Original Information and copyright owner, which is Art of e.Biz, an independent software editor with registered offices in Belgium, under Enterprise number BE0752508776, commercializing software and operating under the reverseXSL trade mark.

2. Copyright Notice

The Original Information remains at all times the property of the Author who retains all intellectual, property, publication, and commercialization rights.

The property and copyright notices cannot be removed and must accompany the Original Information at all times.

The Original Information may be copied, amended, and used to generate derivative works as specified within the scope of the Terms of Use and Software Product License Agreement.

Where the Original Information is used to create derivative works like new or amended Parsing DEFinitions, XSL Transformations, Mapping Tables and original software built over the Software Products included in the Original Information, the authors of these derivative works retain all rights and ownerships for their own original contributions. However, they cannot claim any rights over the bits of the Original Information possibly used, even in translated form, within their own derivative works.

Except where explicitly agreed otherwise in written form, the reselling, renting, or distribution of the Original Information for a profit are not allowed, even partially, under any media, both in its native form and in any translated or converted formats or languages.

Reproduction, citation, and referencing are authorized for non-commercial purposes, provided the source (author name and web site) is acknowledged.

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