The entity who is accessing the present web site, who uses the information made available online, and who evaluates or uses the software products; either an individual user or a Company that is represented by this individual user.


The administrator of the present web site, who controls the information stored on this web site, manages the navigation and menus, and grants or revokes access to this web site. The web site administrator is Art of e.Biz, an independent software editor with registered offices in Belgium, under Enterprise number BE0752508776, commercializing software and operating under the reverseXSL trade mark.


The Administrator sells original software product licenses and supplies information to the User via the web site. The software product licenses comprise the following variants:

  1. An Open Source License, allowing to execute the software products with no functional limitations in any application and operating system context, and no limitation in time. Under such free license, the User is not required to provide any information about him, and shall not pay any fees. Anyhow, the license terms do apply. Reselling for a fee is notably prohibited.
  2. A registered license  providing access to additional functionality and/or resources, with possible customized features, that imply a commercial contract. In this circumstances, all terms, including confidentiality and possible reselling rights, are governed by the specific contractual agreement.

A User's eMail address is required to communicate about the license registration process, and/or to request support and ask questions via the Contact page.

In addition, the requirement to set proper contractual bindings and compute sales tax according to European directives and in particular Belgian regulations, may force the Administrator to collect additional elements of information from the User: a contact person, postal address, country, and applicable tax exemption codes.

None of the above information elements are stored in the web server's databases, but remain under control of the Administrator at private premises.

It is worth noting that no information about any payment means (like credit card details) is ever requested from the User by this web site or the Administrator. Payments are either executed via third-party Payment Services Providers, or by direct wire transfer. They are always handled by means external to the present web site and Administrator.


  1. Users have the capability to stay anonymous and never provide any information about them.
  2. Users that are willing to register a software product license do agree to provide the above cited elements of information about them. They have the option of:
    1. Using the contact page with just an email address, and then conduct end to end communication with the software editor (Art of e.Biz), in which case no information elements are ever captured and stored about the User on the web site.
    2. Using online forms, in which case the information elements are stored in the web site's databases.
  3. email addresses exclusively used via the Contact pages of the web site are used to general the initial contact email, and never stored elsewhere in the web-site.
  4. A private, password-protected, account is created for each User requiring access to restricted areas and/or client-dedicated resources. This account allows a User to review all information elements retained about him, and edit them. This account also permits access to services only available to registered users.
  5. User information elements are never communicated to third parties and solely used by the Administrator for the sake of handling the support processes (see also next item), and for legal record keeping in compliance with accounting and tax regulations.
  6. By selecting the option to pay directly through an online payment gateway, the user explicitly consents to the disclosing of information elements about him to the Payment Services Provider (PSP) for the sake of conducting the payment process. Once the payment process is complete, the Administrator/web-site receives payment confirmation data from the PSP, containing NO details about the payment instrument.
  7. We do not tolerate spam. Once the purchasing and registration process is completed, unsolicited emails are never posted by the web site or the Administrator to any email address or postal address directly communicated to the Administrator or via the web site, but in exceptional circumstances like communicating about a major bug fix, security threats or breaches to privacy consequent to malevolent activities by third parties. In other words, the initiative for opening a commercial or technical discussion thread is always belonging to the User.
  8. Users must not share their private account password at with anyone else, and shall not use a password value that they use elsewhere to protect sensitive data.
  9. If a User wishes to keep posted about software/data releases and updates, he shall subscribe to one of the available newsfeeds, a web technology which offers him the option to stay anonymous and allows him to control when to look for news.
  10. All information exchanged between the User and the Administrator, via emails or via the web-site, is confidential by default. It can be made public only under explicit agreement from the other party. It can be disclosed to competent authorities under investigation by judicial or police authorities. If false or inaccurate information is provided and/or fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies and law enforcement agencies may access and use the information that was collected about the User under investigation.
  11. When an information element may become part of a candidate knowledge item to be published at the web-site, all references to the User will be removed, but all intellectual property rights or copyrights will be duly respected.
  12. The Administrator can collect statistical data about the use of the web site for the purposes of improving the services and managing the technical capacity of systems. Such data takes the form of simple counters, disconnected from any User identification element.

Limitation of Liability and Secured Communication Option

The User is duly informed that the Administrator takes all reasonable measures to protect the privacy of User's information elements commensurate to the value of the software assets to be protected. Moreover, the public Internet is renowned for posing a security threat. The operating systems, the server softwares, the complex technologies, the numerous equipments and third parties controlling such equipments that are laid out in between the User and the Administrator (or web site) do escape from the full control by both the User and the Administrator. Consequently, the Administrator cannot guarantee the privacy of User information elements and will not accept to be liable for any direct or indirect or consequential damages whenever the User elects to use the reverseXSL web site and/or clear Internet emails as media for trading.

The User is indeed proposed, to the extent permitted by law in the User's country, the option to communicate with the Administrator through secured, encrypted emails if he wishes to get the maximum data protection available through today technologies. Upon demand, the Administrator will communicate an official public key certificate. Each party will provide means to verify each other's identity and the validity of certificates through official authorities. Once secured exchanges are set, the channel can be used for purchasing, invoicing, registration, software delivery and support processes. In this case again, no data is ever stored about the User on the reverseXSL web-site.

For any additional question, contact us through this form.