Package com.reverseXSL

The reverseXSL software provides two interfaces: The command line interface is described in this one package. The API, comprising the Transformer, TransformerFactory, and lower-level Parser objects; cfr these other packages.


Class Summary
Parse The stand-alone command-line Parser is quite useful in development-cycle automation.
Transform Transformation command-line tool.

Package com.reverseXSL Description

The reverseXSL software provides two interfaces:

This specific package contains three command line tools that, exception made of course of the License Management application, will be mostly used to automate testing within the development cycle.

Command line tools are wrappers built over the original API. Source code is made available for building your custom command line programs, as well as sample API code.

Development tips are contained within the documentation published on

Another command line tool worth noting is the Regular Expression tester. This one is located within the package com.reverseXSL.util. It is very handy for quickly checking the outcome of your regular expressions on single line and multiline data.